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Architectural Antiques

Antique Wood for Every Project

Wayne's Barn Wood tries to make the process of acquiring antique barn wood as fun and easy as possible for you. Simply call or e-mail us to give us details of your project as well as the type, grade, and size of the wood you need so we can properly assist you.

We check our inventory to determine if we have the materials you need in stock, and if not, we will track down whatever is missing. We are always in contact with reliable contractors around the country who can provide many excellent products for our customers. We recommend that you or your agent inspect all materials to ensure you receive one-of-a-kind beauty, personality, and history for every board and post.

As providers of vintage antique barn lumber, we are dedicated to providing you with authentic and rustic hand-hewn beams needed for a one-of-a-kind finished product, such as the following:

  • Fireplace Mantels
  • Fluted Columns
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Porch Posts

We look forward to being involved in the construction of your project.