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Antique Siding and Flooring

The Best In Reclaimed Wood

There is an undeniable charisma and beauty associated with any home or building that features antique wood siding and flooring. In newly erected structures, the chances are that the lumber used in construction came from a tree that had been recently cut down. If people take notice and make pleasing remarks about new wood siding and flooring, just imagine the reactions that siding and flooring made from reclaimed lumber and antique wood beams will garner.

Antique Siding

Breathtaking Antique Siding and Flooring

Wayne's Barn Wood offers beams of hand-hewn wood and boards that are perfect for use in any antique flooring or siding project. We inspect each piece of lumber before we ship it to our customers, finding weather cracks and other blemishes, which enhance the beauty of the antique lumber without affecting the quality of the product.

Our hand-hewn beams are kept in their original condition as much as possible, so you get exactly what you are looking for. They may be cleaned with water and melted soap as needed to give you a sanitary, ready-to-use surface that remains true to the original look and style of your wood.

We encourage our clients to look at flooring and siding projects, which have utilized the treasures of antique barn wood to get a better idea for their product. By shopping with us, you will develop a fuller appreciation of the character and beauty that can be realized with century-plus old solid wood beams.