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Antique Lumber

Antique Lumber

Aged Cedar, Fir, and More

Although difficult to find, nothing else lends unique rustic charm to a structure like pristine pieces of antique wood. It is our mission at Wayne's Barn Wood to provide the most aesthetically pleasing pieces of reclaimed lumber and antique wood beams to be used as siding, flooring, or as a simple accent piece above a fireplace.

Providers of Antique Lumber

We dismantle old houses, barns, and other antique structures for sturdy and stunning pieces of lumber of various species and grades. This includes black walnut, fir, western cedar, walnut, oak, and longleaf to provide a wide variety of wood to choose from, to complete whatever project you have in mind.

Once we find the proper antique lumber that is fit to your particular type and grade, your order will be de-nailed and graded to ensure optimal appearance and quality. While Wayne's Barn has an extensive supply of hand-hewn beams, we may not have the type or grade that you are looking for. If you find yourself in this situation we will do our best to find what it is you need.